Spartan Peroxy Protein Remover/Cleaner/Whitener - Gal.

Item # 354285

  • A hydrogen peroxide based cleaner designed to remove proteins and whiten protein stains from all types of food preparation surfaces.
  • The product is water thin
  • Pale blue in color
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #3821-1
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Formulated specifically for food handling, food processing and food service operations.

  • This product can be used as a general purpose cleaner to remove animal fat, grease, blood, vegetable oils, food residues and other tough soils.
  • Powerful oxidizing properties in this product react with various sulfur and ammonia containing compounds, breaking them down and neutralizing unpleasant odors. This product feature is particularly beneficial when cleaning and deodorizing smelly and downr
  • Blood and bloodstains found on food prep surfaces, cutting boards, food trays, saws, knives, meat carts, meat slicers and grinders literally disappear in seconds!
  • Little or no time is spent scrubbing or brushing to remove dried blood or imbedded bloodstains.
  • Can also be used on floors, walls, or counter grouting.